Anna Graceman

What do you usually do to keep record of your previous works?

Anna Graceman responded on 09/17/2012

when I first start creating I use an iTouch or iPhone to record myself playing the melody. Then I write the lyrics on scratch paper. Eventually the melodies and the lyrics make it onto the sheet music. But when I want to review what I have previously wrote I usually go to the home videos that I have done. It's strange how quickly I forget what I have just written. Alot of my older songs I have to review again before I am able to perform them. Its funny to me that I can write this stuff and have it not stay in my brain. It's almost like I am plucking the songs from some place as they wiz by. Sometimes they come so fast that if I get interrupted or don't record what I just did then the song is gone forever. Like it just past me by or something.

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