Anna Graceman

Hi Anna! Are you going to release your song 'So Complicated' on iTunes? It's one of my favourite ever songs and I would really love to be able to buy it so I can listen to it all the time! Love Sophie

Anna Graceman responded on 07/03/2012

Well, a few people have asked me about this. I have taken down all of my early songs from iTunes. I used to have all of my early songs on iTunes for download including "So Complicated". After my debut Album is released (July 25th, 2012) I will probably re-release a compilation of my early experimental work. Maybe as a bonus CD or something. I have about 50 songs that I have written from age 6 to age 11. Many of those are on my channel still. Soon I hope to release those again in a proper way. Thanks for asking!! Love Anna

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