Anna Graceman

Not a question, but a statement . . . . . . . you are much more than you know. Your words and the emotion you pour into your songs; they bring out the best in people and the world is a better place.

Anna Graceman responded on 07/03/2012

Thank you! my Emotions are the driving force behind my songs. All of my songs are a little piece of me from a particular moment or event in my life. They are all little stories of me. I like to joke around but there are certain things that are very serious to me. I like to write about serious things. I hope I can make a difference. I hope people listen. I hope I can make people care. Care about Love, Care about each other, Care about Family, Care about their home, Their planet. Well, and then I go and write the song "Superstar" :)) Actually, I wrote that song as a joke but that's another story. Lol

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