Anna Graceman

Anna! We need updates!!! what have you been up to? Love your biggest Fan!

Anna Graceman responded on 05/16/2012

Hi Guys, here is the long awaited update! After the America's Got Talent TV show I was asked to participate in the Las Vegas Live Shows at the Colosseum. The 5000 seat stadium was sold out each night. That was amazing!!! The Director of entertainment for Caesar's Palace asked me to come back and perform New Years Eve. I also did several other special Live performances. From these performances I was able to earn enough money to pay for the recording of my upcoming album all by myself. That way I don't have to give up ownership of it to anyone else. I was able to work with two fantastic Producers including a multi Grammy winning Producer. All of the lyrics and music was written by me. I just finished my album last week and it is being mastered and pressed to CD as we speak. I am now in LA and working on the music videos.

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