Anna Graceman

what was the first song you learned on the piano?
from cheyenne ur #1 fan

Anna Graceman responded on 09/20/2011

that is a good question! The first song that I remember playing on the piano was The Imperial March song also called the 'Darth Vader' theme song. Just the intro - not the whole song. My little brother loved Star Wars! The music would play in our house alot. My parents tell me that one day my brother was playing Star Wars with his plastic light sabre and I told him that his light sabre battle would be better with music. I didn't know how to read music. I just had heard it enough times that I could play the intro to it by ear. Before that I had been playing around with the piano and had lesson books but they were more like exercises, not actual songs. My parents say that this was the first time they realized might have a little talent and should do more.

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