Anna Graceman

Anna, I am so So SO happy for you! You made it to the top 10! Omg! That is so terribly exciting. I couldn't even imagine what you were thinking on stage, w/ Landau. Can you describe it/the tears?-Huy

Anna Graceman responded on 09/05/2011

At that moment, I was in a little bit of shock that I made it through and Landau didn't. I have been very good friends with Landau and his wife since the very beginning of the show. I wanted to be happy I made it but at the same time I was really sad he wasn't going through too. When Nick Cannon announced Landau was going through too. I couldn't help but cry. I grabbed his neck and gave him a big hug cause I was so happy! *tears* we both have worked really really hard.

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