Anna Graceman

How do you get prepared for a show?

Anna Graceman responded on 08/09/2011

Well, America's Got Talent has the biggest live audience that I have ever performed for. It is a big process to prepare. After I pick a song, I first start working on the piano and the arrangement. Once I think that the arrangement works for me then I will start working on the vocals. Its only at this point that I will really know whether the song will actually work for me. Sometimes I have to give up on a particular song if I don't feel it or connect with it in some way. If I don't then it is back to the start again. Once I know it's the right song then it's time to practice, practice, practice. I will almost always practice using a click track in my ear so I can stay in time with the beat. Sometimes my mom and dad will invite friends and family over to listen to me. This helps me to get over some of my nervousness. I usually have two or three private performances to help prepare me.

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