Anna Graceman

How long do You write a song ?? And how do You get inspirations to write songs ?? How many songs have You written so far ??

Anna Graceman responded on 06/05/2011

thank you so much for asking.

I write a new song about every two weeks. This is especially true if I don't have any performances that I am preparing for where I need to polish up on my old songs.

I almost always start with the piano first and then work on the melody and lyrics last.

My songs are most often inspired in some way from personal experience. I ought to go through each song some time and write down what inspired me to write each one. I haven't ever done that. So I Cried was inspired by my very sick brother who I was afraid could die. Unexpected was inspired by scary news events I read about at school. Paradise was inspired by a special beautiful spot on the beach in Alaska that we would picnic at as a family.

I written around 40 songs. Some still haven't been released yet.

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