Anna Graceman

how old are you
what other things do you like to do than singing
when did yo start to sing in competitions
what instruments do you play
whats the best thing about living in beutifull alaska
from c.s

Anna Graceman responded on 06/05/2011

Thanks CS for asking!

--I am 11 years old.

--When I am not singing I am writing, playing with friends, bike riding, and skiing. I like to sew too.

--I have never been in any singing competitions. But I did just audition for America's Got Talent season 6. That will be my first competition ever.

--I play the piano, the guitar and try to compete with my brother on the drums but I am not that good yet. :)

--I love living in Alaska especially in the summer time. It is so beautiful. The Mendenhall Glacier is only a mile from my house. We go down to the lake and get ice from the glacier that has fallen in the lake and make fresh ice cream with it. The fishing is fun and the skiing is great too.

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