Anna Graceman

Thanks for your answer! Now for the big question. Will you ever sing country? Maybe I'm just dream 'in but I sometimes imagine you in a cute country outfit, blouse shirt, skirt down to knees, cowgirl boots, and red lipstick with your guitar and no hat. Scarf tight around your neck singing a hit country song like ..."Crazy" or "Sweet Dreams", "I fall to Pieces"...yes they have all been sung by Patsy Cline. I think you have the charisma to be a great country singer. You're adorable. I know you're probably laughing right this moment but until I hear you sing a country song ....I'll always wonder. There is always room for a fresh country female singer with a well trained voice. And BTW, I will suggest there is big money in great sounding country female singers. Secret is...sing hit songs. I got your CD and photo and thank you! Best of success to you always Anna and keep on writing! Study what makes a hit song and you will be on top of the world in a Arizona minute. ;) Jeff

Anna Graceman responded on 02/26/2014

Hi Jeff, Thanks for all of your support and so glad you got my CD and picture. I'm actually leaning towards a hybrid of genre like country mixed with a bunch of stuff. I have a couple songs that will be released with an amazing guitarist from Nashville and he puts a little country flare on the tracks. I love a lot of different music, but I always stick with my country music! Thanks for your question. Anna

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