Anna Graceman

Hello Anna :) I'm from Germany, so my English isn't very good :D I love your music so much! It inspire me. Thank you for be born! :D I hope you can understand me :S Well, I just want to say, your music help me this much. My life isn't good anyway, but as I hear your voice..... I don't know how to say it :D You're so beautiful and your music is as beautiful as I can say! :) That you follow me on Instagram means the World to me! I love you Anna, I can't take this in words. :D♥ Yes..... I hope you're reading this and understand my English :D A great day. :)

Jenny. :) ♥

Anna Graceman responded on 02/25/2014

Hi Jenny! I read your wonderful message and thank you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoy my music. Making others happy with my music is my largest goal. Love Anna

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