Anna Graceman

Gosh Don't Ask Her All That No Respect For AN Girl Yesh im 12 Turning 13 How In The Glob You Don't Have Boy Friend Well Thank You For Following Me :D I Will Like To Say Will You Skype Me When I Get An Skype Hey No Harm Nice Guy! Just Wanna Be Your Friend I Will Make An Song About You Even If I Suck At Singing! :D I Love Raping Yesh That Type Of Guy! What Made You Follow Me Is My Question Come On Anna Don't Make Me Just Type All This For Nothing Can I Please Get An Respone My Name Is Detrail Rowell On Twitter And Facebook You Followed Me And Please Chat With Me At Least! How Does It Feel To Be On That Stage In Front Of Your FANS! :O

Anna Graceman responded on 02/25/2014

Hi Detrail! WOW YOU ARE VERY ENTHUSIASTIC! IT'S GREAT! :) It's nerve racking being on stage in front of fans but for me, its even harder performing in a room in front 5 people that I know really well. Weird right? Anna

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