Anna Graceman

Heey Anna Graceman,I have more than one question :) sorry that its alot to read but I hope you read it! I love your music and I think its pretty awesome that you write your own song! You are an inspiration to me because I also write my own songs I play guitar and piano, hopefully I will learn everything else!anyways, I wanted to say thanks for being original, and yourself!! here are the 'questions' :)1.will you ever tour to Africa? I would love to see you in concert! 2.What record company are you singed with and how does one sign with a record company?(Don't worry I am going to visit my relatives in usa) so I would like to know how to get recognized! 3. I definately spread your music, but I wanted to know if you 'd do that in return, as in spread my music (well first you would have to make sure I know how to sing:) I might get a youtube accout when I'm 13 or 14 so you can hear me sing there, or on my moms account! Thanks so much for reading this!! I appreciate it alot!
Love, Amy

Anna Graceman responded on 02/26/2014

Amy you are such a sweet girl and I always love reading your messages. You make me so happy! So glad that you are doing music! To answer your first question, I would love to go to Africa! What an amazing thing if I got to do that! To answer your second question, I'm not signed with a label. I do everything independently. I would love to listen to your music and I'm sure you're wonderful! Thank you for being you and don't ever change. I appreciate you and thank you. Love Anna

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